About Us

Our mission to help 1 Million People Get Freedom From Chronic Pains, Heal Their Bodies and Build A Super Healthy Life using Cosmic Healing Therapies.

"Pain in the body or life is a sign that something is wrong. Instead of taking pain killers, release the cause of the problem." - Sumit Upreti

We are all cosmic beings living in an abundant Universe. Our ancient rishis have shown us practical ways to heal our bodies and connect to our higher self. Each one of us has unlimited energy, unlimited potential and infinite possibilities, yet at the level of our thoughts we are getting limited.

At Cosmic Abundance Hub, We are building a global family of spiritual seekers ready to build a healthier planet. Together, we practice Classical Yoga, Ancient Healing Therapies, Group Meditations, Himalayan Trekking, Wellness Retreats and much more...

Online and Offline Courses, Coaching and Consultations are offered to students by Yogacharya Sumit Upreti.

Are you ready to Explore, Expand and Evolve?

Build A Super Healthy Life - Classical Yoga, Meditation, Healing Therapies

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