Cosmic Healing System

Seekers: Awaken Your Dormant Energies In This Life Transforming Healing Program.


5 Days Certification Program

The Cosmic Healing System is a 5-day online program hosted by Cosmic Abundance Hub founder Sumit Upreti. In just 90 minutes a day, you’ll be guided through Sumit's signature tools and training for harnessing Cosmic Energies from The Universe, cleansing your Emotional Blockages and building a Super Healthy Body.

As you progress, you’ll start channeling your inner powers in often-surprising ways. For instance, your intuition and creativity will flourish. Your self image, life's purpose and self esteem will boost magically. You’ll even feel greater outpourings of confidence and love for yourself.

By the end of the program, you’ll have total mastery of your mind’s full scope of healing abilities - and in turn, a clear path towards a super healthy medicine-free life ahead.

✅ Highlights of Five Days Program:

1. Boost Your Energy
2. Freedom From Body Pains
3. Heal Your Negative Karmas
4. Overcome Stress & Anxiety
5. Develop Mental Focus & Clarity

✅ Program details:

Day 1: Awakening Cosmic Energies
Day 2: Knowing The Unkown
Day 3: Aura Cleansing
Day 4: Expanding Consciousness: Three Levels of Mind
Day 5: Removing Obstacles: Healing Past Karmas

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (7pm to 8:30pm)


Build A Super Healthy Life - Classical Yoga, Meditation, Healing Therapies

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